EP Review by Primal Music Blog

The lush sounds of Warm Rain are a dreamy introduction to Danxia. The Warrington based band have been whipping up whimsical sounds for their debut EP. Closer is a triumph of textures, the guitars gritty and soaring by turns, topped with a honeyed vocal. The mood is more contemplative with Dislocated Minute’s hushed intro, full […]

EP1 Out Now!

Our self-titled EP is now available for download on our bandcamp and also available on all major streaming websites including spotify. Thank you for all your support and we hope you enjoy the record!


So we’re pleased to announce that we’ve finally finished recording, mixing and mastering our first EP! It’s been a long process but we’re pleased with the final result and are looking forward to getting it out there! Thanks so much to Dave Kennah for mastering. Here’s the album cover, the EP will be released independently […]

Womanstanley 3

Womanstanley is a art collective based in Warrington, which aims to empower local artists and creatives, through exhibitions, blog posts and generally building a community of creative people. Being from Warrington, it’s easy to be tricked into thinking that this small working-class town has nothing creative to offer, but Womanstanley has proved, over the last […]