Man Made + Johnny Marr, Horsebeach and Danxia @ Night&Day Cafe

One night we get a phone call from Cal from Man Made asking if we’d like to support them at their end of year party, with added information about a ‘special guest’. Cal has been a long-term friend of the band, and has often stood in the crowd and watched some of our worst gigs, and supported us to some of the best, so this was a huge honour that he would want us to support him! We couldn’t say yes fast enough!


Walking into the green room and seeing the stage times was surreal. I don’t want to get all x-factor and talk about how this has always been a massive dream for us, but being on the same set list as such an influential musician not only for Manchester, but for modern music in general, was amazing. It cheesily felt like all the hours spent in the practice room and debating for days about little sections of songs had finally kind of paid off.


The room was packed. Obviously the ‘special guest’ that was meant to be secret was a poorly kept secret, and rumours of Johnny Marr’s appearance had obviously spread around Manchester.


The sound was perfect, the crowd was perfect – our friends and family had all come down to see us, and our special friend Dean Bromley, who brought us beers and did a recording of the set which you can watch here. We were made up with how the set went, and we thank everyone who came to watch us!


Horsebeach were also amazing, and it was great to speak to the guys from the band afterwards. We hope we can play with them again soon!

The atmosphere was incomparable though for Man Made’s set. They were in their resident venue, playing the day before New Year’s Eve – the timing and location couldn’t have been more perfect. The room exploded for Johnny Marr and Man Made’s version of Big Mouth Strikes Again, which has to be one of my personal highlights of 2016.

We were honoured to be asked to play this gig and hope that everyone who came enjoyed it too. Here’s to more of the same in 2017…



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