Rewire Music @ The Brewhouse with Danxia, KLAUT and The Mighty Bossmags

Rewire Music is a collective based in Warrington, born out of the Womanstanley movement, which aims to bring more live music to Warrington. With some of the members of Danxia and KLAUT at the forefront, the gig at the Brewhouse was the first of hopefully many.


We were the openers at this gig. It felt good to play a new venue in our hometown to some of our closest friends and family, and also some local people of Warrington.


Next were The Mighty Bossmags. Having booked the Bossmags on recommendation, we weren’t sure what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised, though, when the room erupted to the up-beat sound of the Bossmags, who are a favourite at the Brewhouse.

Our almost-partner band KLAUT were next, who never disappoint. Again, if you haven’t heard KLAUT yet we highly recommend them.

Now, the time was approaching midnight, and instead of packing down and heading home, we decided to do a impromptu jam session with the guys from KLAUT, which was… interesting.

Thanks for everyone who came down to watch the bands, and support local musicians in Warrington!


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