Womanstanley Comes to Leeds!

On Friday, we took our first band trip away to Leeds! This is the first time we’ve played outside of Manchester or Warrington so it was exciting. Also the first time we haven’t had to drive to a gig, so many cans were consumed on the way to Leeds… (which could explain why the gig went so well, or why we thought it went so well anyway…)


Joining us on stage were the amazing KLAUT – a semi-improvised krautrock band from Warrington, who we met at the last Womanstanley. If you’ve not already listened to KLAUT we highly recommend them! You can check them out here.


The gig was in the very make-shift, super-cool venue called Assembly House Studios – an art studio-turned bar. We turned up with our amps, a PA that KLAUT borrowed from their work, guitars and pedals and just set up in the middle of the room, slightly hazy after the coach-beers.


We had an amazing night spending time with the guys from KLAUT and the rest of the Womanstanley team, we can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for Womanstanley! Thanks to everyone that came down to watch us and to support the local and aspiring musicians and artists!

(Maybe less beer next time)



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