Womanstanley 3

Womanstanley is a art collective based in Warrington, which aims to empower local artists and creatives, through exhibitions, blog posts and generally building a community of creative people.

Being from Warrington, it’s easy to be tricked into thinking that this small working-class town has nothing creative to offer, but Womanstanley has proved, over the last 3 years, that that is far from the case.


Womanstanley 3 was an amazing all-day art and music exhibition, that Danxia are proud to have been involved in. I (Emma) have been involved in performing at all three events, and this year I helped organise the bands that were playing at the event (guess who’s own band ended up playing…).


We had an amazing time, viewing amazing art and hearing amazing original musicians! Thanks to everyone who came out to watch us and support local artists and musicians! 🙂


It is also safe to say that Avo enjoyed Womanstanley…




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