Learn to Swim EP

Hello! We have some exciting news! We will be releasing our second EP, Learn to Swim, on the 31st of March! You can listen to one track from our new EP right now. It’s called King of Donair, we hope you like it! We’ve worked really hard over the last few months to get this […]

2017 Update

After an amazing end to 2016, and a very busy last couple of months, we’ve taken a little break from performing live to finally finish our next EP. We fully record, mix and master all of our own music, and this time we’ve attempted to try and emulate a professional sound without using any expensive […]

Womanstanley Comes to Leeds!

On Friday, we took our first band trip away to Leeds! This is the first time we’ve played outside of Manchester or Warrington so it was exciting. Also the first time we haven’t had to drive to a gig, so many cans were consumed on the way to Leeds… (which could explain why the gig […]